Heading For The Light

In recent weeks, the steady flow of images from Yours Truly began slowly diminishing to a near halt. And it was no fault of my sometimes dodgy Honda Civic, a car that has developed a habit of starting when she darn well feels like it - with nearly 230,000 miles on her, I'm grateful that she even starts at this point. Somehow I made it through the entire fall foliage season without being stranded, even though the ol' Civic sometimes does nothing at all when I first turn the key. Yet, after a few tries, she eventually starts right up and goes. We've nearly pinned it down to a sensor issue, after replacing the alternator. I replaced the alternator myself - the first time I've ever installed an

Better Late Than.....

"When I last left off" seems to be a recurring theme in my travel blogs lately. I'd sit down and begin writing a new blog, only to be distracted by one thing or another (and there have been a LOT of distractions), then I'd go wafting off without even typing another word, and another travel blog gets abandoned. That being said.... When I last left off....... .......we were somewhere in August, and I had endured a stormy summer, literally and figuratively speaking. I'd about had my fill of shooting mountain scenes; so I abandoned them totally for a quick but oh-so-needed diversion to the coast, a spontaneous overnight jaunt to Charleston that yielded a few nice images, both at sunset and after

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