Gone Epic

There's a guy I vaguely know (whose trail name is "Badger") who is a prominent part of the East Tennessee/Western North Carolina hiking/photography community - someone I've hiked with one time, at Linville Gorge last summer - and who also coined a term that is an apt adjective for continuous adventures that yield glory after glory: "Epicity." Not that I'm a prominent hiker, mind you (I'm not, I don't make any claim to be, nor do I place hiking very high on my "to do" list as you know, though I will hike if need be to get an image); but I'd like to think I've wedged my photographic "foot" in the door just enough to be among the more recognized and accomplished photographers in the region. And

To The Max

I had great hopes for Sunday morning. The rain that had soothed me to sleep the night before (and believe me, there's nothing more soothing than falling asleep to the sound of rain here in the Smokies) was scheduled to move out at sunrise Sunday morning. So I dutifully set my alarm for 5:15 AM, with two options for an epic sunrise shot dancing in my head. As it turned out, neither option became reality, because Mr. "My-body-feels-like-it-got-hit-by-a-Greyhound-Bus" here decided (upon checking my totally geeky radar on my iPhone 5s) that things wouldn't materialize. So I hit the ol' snooze button instead. Until things actually did materialize, the proof coming when my Instagram friend Beth ha

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