Anatomy Of An Image

I wish I could sit here and tell you that the majority of my work is the product of well-thought-out planning, superior knowledge and cunning skill. But oh no. It's more akin to what musician Bill Bruford once said about his forays into electronic percussion: "I'm here to tell you it's one constant amateurish shambles from start to finish." To be sure, I know all "the spots," the locations near home with all the elements that make great landscape images possible. I take mental notes, I see where light plays off ridges and how sun angles affect what I want to do. I pay attention to weather patterns, temperatures, sunrise and sunset times, as well as keeping an ever present eye on the sky - I'

Chasing Winter

For the better part of the latter months of 2015 and even into the new year, it seemed as though the expected cold weather in the Smokies and High Country - heck, the entire southeastern United States in general - joined the bears in hibernation. There I was on Christmas Day, sporting a t-shirt and shorts, walking along Dauphin Island, Alabama for a sunset shoot - the outside temperature a toasty 78 degrees. I was half-seriously debating whether or not to bring the sunscreen. But I digress. By contrast, winter paid my neck of the woods an early visit in late 2014, as we Haywood County folks were treated to a nice little dumping of snow on November 1. Granted, most of it melted before the day

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